Waste to Energy

The MSW generated in all the 5 Municipalities and 10 Commune Panchayats is about 530 metric tonners per day. Of these 530 tones, about 350 tones is generated in PUAA and 180MT of MSW is generated in other communes and outlying region.
PUDA proposed to set up Waste to energy project under PPP mode for scientific disposal of waste generated in PUAA and to convert the waste generated in other parts of Pondicherry and the outlying regions into compost.
To develop WtE project for scientific disposal of about 350 MT of MSW generated in PUAA, through e-tender process PUDA selected IL&FS (EDC) as consultant for preparing DPR and other bid documents. The role of TA is to prepare DPR for the project, bid documents for selecting private developer for the WtE project and to prepare the bid documents for selecting the consultant.
After obtaining the approval of the High Power Committee PUDA has entered into an agreement on 04.03.2016.
The consultant has commenced the assignment and DPR is under preparation and the work done by TA is as follows:
(i) Completed MSW sampling and physical characterization studies,
(ii) Assessment of site by technical team for planning WtE and C&D waste recycling plant development on 23.02.2016,
(iii) Initiated discussion with State Ground Water Authority on the feasibility of getting required ground water for setting up of WtE plant and with Electricity Department about power evacuation arrangement from the proposed WtE plant
As the WtE project is to be setup on PPP mode a bid variable has to be chosen for incorporating in the bid document such as RPF for bidding out the project. PUDA has submitted a proposal to the Government with suggestion to adopt “Royalty(payable to PUDA by developer) per ton of waste supplied” as bid variable after consulting the consultant IL&FS in view of the following advantages:
(1). There is financial income to the Government,
(2). No consumption of additional time for the project development as the case of Tariff based bidding and
(3). The energy produced will be sold by the private developer on his own, and in case the project fails to generate/produce the guaranteed power there is no risk to PUDA/Electricity Dept, Govt. of Puducherry as the Electricity Dept will not be the party to the PPA.
Proposes to convert 180 MT of MSW generated in other communes and outlying Regions Municipalities into compost and DPR is being prepared.