Policy Framework for Solid Waste Management

The area coming under two Municipalities such as Pondicherry and Oulgaret Municipality and part of Ariyankuppam and Villianur Communes are called as Puducherry Urban Agglomeration Area (PUAA) which have a population of 6.54 lakhs as per 2011 census.
The MSW generated in all the 5 Municipalities and 10 Commune Panchayats is about 530 metric tonners per day. Of these 530 tones, about 350 tones is generated in PUAA.
Through e-tender PUDA selected M/s. Swachatha Corporation for Collection and Transportation of MSW in PUA Area for a period of 10 years. The work commenced in September 2015.
The rate per each Metric Ton is Rs.1,782/-
PUDA proposes to develop Waste to Energy (WtE) project under PPP format for scientific disposal of about 350 MT of MSW generated in PUA area and appointed IL&FS(EDC) as consultant for preparing DPR and other bid documents.
Proposes to convert 180 MT of MSW generated in other communes and outlying Regions’ Municipalities into compost and DPR is being prepared.
The Municipalities of Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam are collecting and transporting their MSW in their identified areas.
Karaikal and Yanam Municipalities and Villinaur and Bahour Commune Panchayats have prepared DPR. The remaining Communes are preparing DPR.

SWM Disposal-Action Plan for PUA Area

Waste is a heterogeneous mixture of different solid materials.
Propose to generate energy from MSW generated in PUA Area with private sector participation.
Disposal plan is --
to employ a simple waste pre-treatment through reliable technology using Dano Drum to reduce waste volume, enhance material recovery and facilitate handling of each waste fraction obtained by final treatment.
to sort out valuable materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous material.
to maximum separation of organic fraction for anaerobic digestion and generation of biogas.
to manufacture RDF for energy recovery
to realize by–products through combustion process for wealth maximization.
IL&FS-EDC selected as consultant in Feb. 2016 for preparing DPR and Bid
Documents. Agreement signed on 04.03.2016.
Assignment is to be completed in 7 weeks from agreement date.
Consultant commenced assignment. Complete waste characterization study.
Gross CV ranges from 3830.58 – 6341.90 Kcal / Kg depending on type of waste.
6 Mega Watt energy project can be expected from the MSW generated in PUA Area.
WtE project is expected to go in stream in the year 201

MSW Disposal – Action Plan

Propose to convert MSW generated in Commune Panchayats into compost.
3 RLBs in Puducherry prepared DPR.
Yanam Municipality prepared DPR and commenced composting project in pilot scale.
Karaikal Municipality prepared DPR. Project will be commenced by Dec. 2016.
Remaining RLBs will prepare DPR by Dec. 2016

Dump sites stabilization action plan for kurumbapet dump site

Estimated volume of waste is about 110,160 cu.m.
Accumulated waste has no value and became inert.
Propose to close site in lines with MoEF guidelines for accommodating fresh waste.
Site closure is estimated to cost about Rs.5.00 cr. and Rs. 1.90 cr. for creating other amenities and utilities.
Steps taken for controlling odor.
Steps taken for converting fresh solid waste into compost after segregation at site through Windrows Composting for wealth maximization.
Project is expected to be completed by Mar. 2017.

Dump sites stabilization action plan for KARUVADIKUPPAM dump site

SBM (Urban) aims to ensure that a). No household shall engage in the practice of open defecation, b). No new insanitary toilets are constructed during the Mission period and c). Pit latrines are converted into sanitary latrines. All five ULB have conducted house to house survey and identified 6,256 households are required Individual Household Latrines and hence received 6,256 applications for construction of individual household Latrines.

As per the SBM (CSS of MoUD) Rs. 4,000/- is provided as incentive per each beneficiary for construction of one unit of Latrine or for conversion of insanitary toilet into Sanitary toilet in Urban Areas.

As the above incentive is not sufficient, a necessity is arisen to dovetail the Central scheme with the State Sanitation scheme (i.e) Chief Minister Sanitation Scheme.

Accordingly G.O has been issued vide G.O No.Ms.No 31/LAS/A4/2015 dt 29.09.2015.

PUDA has