Special Projects

Renovation of MairieBuilding
Renovation of MairieBuilding through World Bank at the cost of Rs.13.00 crores through PIA (Project Implementation Agency) is proposed.
Construction of Nehru Market
Construction of Nehru Market at Karaikal at the cost of Rs.30.00 crores under Negotiated Loan – HUDCO.
Animal Birth Control (ABC)
Animal Birth Control (ABC) of Stray Dogs programme is being carried out at four centres in Puducherry.
Modernization of existing slaughter house at Attupatti
Modernization of existing slaughter house at Attupattiby Puducherry Municipality at a cost of Rs.5 Crore has been approved by the Ministry of Food Processing, Government of India. State Share = 255 lakhs (received HUDCO loan 229 lakhs) and Central Share = 245 lakhs (1st installment of 10%, ie Rs.24 lakhs received) Tender was opened on 30th March 2016.
Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
A Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is where recyclable materials that are collected from households are sorted into different types (e.g. plastics, cardboard, paper, metal) using a mixture of manual and automated methods. When the materials have been sorted they are sent to reprocessors and manufacturers where they are used to create new products.
Stainless steel modular toilet
Multilevel vehicle parking