Municipality Office Yanam is one of the regions in the Union Territory of Puducherry. which is 870 Kms away from it. It is situated on the East Coast of the Indian Peninsula at 16 degrees 42' northern latitude, and between 82 degree 11' Eastern longitude bounded on all sides by the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh State.
The town of Yanam lies on the spot where the River Coringa(Atreya) branches off from Gauthami into two parts. The entire region, consisting of Yanam town and six villages is treated as Municipality for purposes of local administration. The region, which covers an area of 30.0 Sq.KM, has a population of 31,362 according to the 2001 census. The region is bounded on the east and south by river Gauthami Godavari river which discharges itself into Bay of bengal after flowing almost 14 Kms towards east from Yanam.
The Yanam Municipality is acting according to the Pondicherry Municipalities Act of 1973 which had been introduced by the Government and in effect since 26-01-1974. The Municipality is functioning under the purview of Municipal Council. In the absence of an elected local body, the Special Officer (Regional Administrator), appointed by the Government, is exercising all the powers and functions of the Municipal Council. The Commissioner, who has also been appointed by the Government, is the Chief Executive of the Municipality and also acts as the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the Municipality. Over all control and supervision is by the Director, L.A.D., Pondicherry. He also functions as the Chief Registrar of the Births and Deaths in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. The Municipality is a separate entity of self Government institution with constitutional status.


As per 2011  census

wards 10 Wards
Population Total Population
Population Male
Population Female

1. Mettakur, 2. Ambedkar Nagar, 3. Vishnalayam, 4. Pillaraya, 5. Guirampet, 6. Farampet, 7. Pydikondala, 8. Pedapudy, 9. Agraharam,

10. Kanakalapeta

Acts as Controlling Department for all Local Bodies.
Formulation of policies and new programmes for better governance of Local Bodies.
Approval of Budget and Shelf of Projects of Local Bodies.
Release of grants-in-aid to Local Bodies to take up works for providing basic civic amenities.
Reviewing the progress of execution of works and Revenue Collection by Local Bodies.
According Administrative approval and Expenditure sanctions to the proposals of local bodies wherever the financial powers delegated to Local Bodies exceeds.
Inspecting the Local Bodies and works executed by the Local Bodies.
Consolidation of Annual Administration Reports of Local Bodies and submission to Government.
At present, there are 5 Municipalities, 10 Commune Panchayats and 98 Village Panchayats in the Union Territory of Puducherry.