Municipality Office Oulgaret (Uzhavarkarai) Municipality is located at North East of Pondicherry municipal limits. The Oulgaret Commune Panchayat came into existence by a French Metropolitan Decree, 12-03-1880 as a Commune Panchayat and later, on 14-01-1994 it was elevated to the status of a Municipality.
MUNICIPAL LIMITS : Area = 36.7Sq.Kms; Population (2011 census) = 3,00,150.
Pondicherry is the capital city of The Union Territory of Puducherry and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India.
Revenue Villages : 1. Alankuppam,2. Kalapet, 3. Pillaichavady, 4. Oulgaret, 5. Karuvadikuppam, 6. Saram,7. Reddiarpalayam, 8. Thattanchavady.


As per 2011  census

wards 37 Wards
Population Total Population
Population Male
Population Female

1. Alankuppam, 2. Kanagachettykulam, 3. Periakalapet (West) , 4. Periakalapet (East), 5. Pillaichavady , 6. Government  Quarters Lawspet 7. Kurinji Nagar , 8. Rajaji Nagar, 9. Ashok nagar, 10. Pethuchettipet, 11. Lawspet, 12. Karuvadikuppam, 13. Samipillaithottam,

14. Rainbownagar, 15. Kamaraj nagar, 16. Brindavanam, 17. Saram, 18. Vinoba nagar, 19. Pakkamudayanpet, 20. Thattanchavady,

21. Thilashpet, 22. Veemacoundanpalayam, 23. Dhanvanthrinagar-JIPMER quarters, 24. Indira nagar, 25. Kadirkamam,

26. Shanmugapuram, 27. Meenatchipet, 28. Muthirapalayam, 29. Govindapet, 30. Dharmapuri, 31. Arumparthapuram, 32. Oulgaret,

33. Reddiarpalayam, 34. Koundanpalayam, 35. Ellaipillaichavady, 36. Natesan nagar, 37. Jawahar nagar.

Acts as Controlling Department for all Local Bodies.
Formulation of policies and new programmes for better governance of Local Bodies.
Approval of Budget and Shelf of Projects of Local Bodies.
Release of grants-in-aid to Local Bodies to take up works for providing basic civic amenities.
Reviewing the progress of execution of works and Revenue Collection by Local Bodies.
According Administrative approval and Expenditure sanctions to the proposals of local bodies wherever the financial powers delegated to Local Bodies exceeds.
Inspecting the Local Bodies and works executed by the Local Bodies.
Consolidation of Annual Administration Reports of Local Bodies and submission to Government.
At present, there are 5 Municipalities, 10 Commune Panchayats and 98 Village Panchayats in the Union Territory of Puducherry.